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LP Perspectives: Real Estate Obsolescence,
Portfolio Risks and Opportunities

Institutional investors are no strangers to the threat that obsolescence can pose to real estate portfolios. Yet, in today’s disruptive digital era, obsolescence feels more present—and more of a threat—than ever before.

But what do institutional investors think? How are investors approaching the challenge of real estate obsolescence—whether economic, functional or technological—and, most importantly, how is it impacting their portfolio construction and allocation strategies, and how they underwrite their investment partners?

In January 2018, Shelter Rock released its third LP Perspectives report interviewing institutional investors and investment consultants in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America about their perspectives on real estate obsolescence.

Four key takeaways emerged including:
  • Is CRE Witnessing Obsolescence or Natural Evolution?
  • GP Agility
  • Understanding Exposures
  • Scale and Influence

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